VPN for Mobiles: Is it Really Necessary?VPN for Mobiles: Is it Really Necessary?

Many people think that just by using a VPN service for their computers will keep them safe online. But they forget the other devices through they access the internet on a regular basis- things like smartphones and tablets running on OS like Android or iOS.

Mobile devices are not given much importance when it comes to data security though they are increasingly vulnerable to threats. In 2014, there had been 1,023,108,267 cases of records breached. 25% of mobile devices witness a threat per month and it is the number 1 weakest security links of IT.

The need to secure your smartphones and tablets are in dire need and you can do it effectively with a VPN service for Android or iOS.

Why is VPN crucial for Smartphones and Tablets?

Wondering how VPN could help you make your smartphone and tablet experience better? Just like your PC, you are probably using your smart devices to connect online, and the principle in both remains the same – you need privacy and anonymity, and there is no better way to go about that than using a VPN.

Secure Shared Connections

The activities that you do on your computer are shared across your devices nowadays.

You use the same Google account to check emails and also log in to your Android. Your social media notifications arrive on your smartphone as you have logged in with the same credentials.

The data exchange can be intercepted by anyone and VPN is the best way to prevent it.

Prevent Organizational Breaches

The rising trend of BYOD (Bring your own devices) at workplace had also brought in a major problem.

67% organizations say that data breaches have been caused because of their employees accessing company’s sensitive resources through their devices.57% enterprises consider employee devices to be a major threat for attacks.

A reliable VPNwould prevent any data leaks and eliminate the risk of such attacks. Sometimes it’s hard to select one because of numerous interesting offers in the market. We recommend you to visit such dependable source as, which provides certain VPN service ratings and news.

Being Safe on Wi-Fi Networks

You have to use the public Wifi in many places like airports, cafes, hotels to access the internet. Such free Wifi networks are prone to threats and snooping and anyone can track your activities.

When you use the encrypted protocol of a VPN service, nobody can track what you are doing even if they try to snoop on you.

Access Restricted Apps

You may want to download an app which is not available in your country.

VPN can break geo-restrictions for mobile devices just like computers and give you access to websites and apps that are not available in your location.

Protect Personal Information

We are more likely to use our mobiles for activities which involve personal or sensitive information. For example, you are more likely to order food or book tickets through an app on your mobile because it is easier than turning on your computer.

Such transactions require entering your credit card or bank details which can be left open to hackers and cyber criminals. The very nature of sensitive data transaction over mobile devices necessitates the implementation of a VPN service.